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Marie, 17 "I’m a big fan of 1950s clothing. It’s simple and classic. I relate to that the most. I don’t ever want to see a picture of me and regret what I was wearing three or four years ago. I like to keep things consistent. I think if you keep it classic and put your own little flair to it, it makes it special.” +
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i really really really want to move out aaaahh


@brunomars: Joe and Sal came down to the show in Albany tonight. If y’all ain’t seen the show Impractical Jokers you’re missing out. Apparently Mur was there lerkin around but was to cool to get in on this epic selfie. #scoopskie


brunomars: Every now and then you gotta boss out.

Anonymous: You could buy meet and greet tickets on the dw&h tour?! :o How much were they?! How much do you think they'd be now?

yeah omg i think i bought mine for 100€ ?? so cheap woah but back then his tickets just cost 30€ or so. last year i paid 60, so i guess if they had sold m&g tickets for this tour, they would have been 200-250€ but it depends on what the m&g packages would have included

The Doo-Wops and Hooligans Tour: November 16, 2010 - January 28, 2012

Anonymous: Where are you from? (:


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Bruno Mars - Moonshine (live at The Madison Square Garden)